3d printing is a phenomenon that was already invented back in the 1980s, but which has evolved rapidly over the past five or six years, and today it is very close to becoming a thing anyone can have in the home or office.

Additive manufacturing, or 3d printing, is a process in which you go in and manufacture a three dimensional and solid object, of any shape, from a digital model. This 3d printing is achieved by using an additive process in which repeating layers of material, such as plastic or metal, are laid down in different shapes.

3d printing is also considered to be very different from the typical machining technique, which mainly means removing material, for example by cutting or drilling in the relevant object, i.e. subtractive processes.

From this method, a designer can make a prototype directly from the image he has on the screen. This technology is called stereo lithography, or as previously mentioned, three-dimensional print. This technology can go and change the modern mindset and creativity, and may have the potential to go and become a third industrial revolution.

What makes this phenomenon likely to be so enormously successful is that it is something that the consumer himself has complete control over, for example, making a toy for one’s child-on top of the purchase one you have designed yourself.

The fact that you can produce in your home and/or in your business, both with the employees you have at hand, and locally, helps to make the road from the production of the product to the consumer considerably shorter. The western countries would therefore be able to pull back the production from the Far East.

Part of the production you have set in the east would be able to move back from the east and do local because you no longer need to have this mass production, because you can do it at home using 3d printing. You would be able to produce 3d printnings factories and order a customized product from the Internet, notify the factory of the order and have it produced directly to you. This would eventually save a large sum of money in transport around the world.