The fast growth of urban areas is definitely one of the reasons why a lot of people spend their weekends retreating to beautiful rural locations where nature is preserved. Being in nature allows them to refresh themselves so they can get back to the grind more energetic and inspired.

However, frequent weekend trips can also be tiring – plus, they cost a lot of money. So, if you love heading to nature when you can, but you need to be a little frugal to protect your finances, those weekend nature retreats would just have to be scheduled for special occasions.

If this is the case, you certainly do not need to give up your “green” fix because you can actually create your own green sanctuary even if you live in a concrete jungle.

Here are some ideas for accomplishing just that:

1.    Invest in a few standing plants

These would be like small trees in your home. You can place them pretty much anywhere – by the entryway or in your living room, bathroom and bedroom.

2.    Create a line of windowsill plants

Do not throw out the small glass containers of your spices and jams. Instead, fill them with soil and let small, low-maintenance plants grow in them. By lining up small plants by your windowsill, it will seem like you are looking out to nature from your window.

You do not need to buy windowsill plants if you want to see foliage by your window. If you live in an area like Cassia at the Fields in Dubai, which has been developed to have strategically located green spaces around the community, you can just walk around the neighborhood and collect fallen greens or gather cuttings. You can put them in a glass container with water by your window – it’s an easy and cheap way to “green up” your windows.

3.    Place plants in your bathroom

Orchids, Boston fern, aloe vera, peace lilies and devil’s ivy are just a few examples of plants that thrive well in the bathroom because they do not need much direct light. They will also enjoy the moisture that is present in the room.

These plants are not only pretty natural features to enhance the look of the space; they also keep the bathroom fresh. The plants help control humidity which encourages the growth of molds, and at the same time, the plants cleanse the air of pollutants.

4.    Grow an herb garden in your kitchen

Small containers of growing herbs are not only nice to see and delightful to smell; they are also quite useful in the kitchen. Every time you need to enhance the flavor of the dishes you prepare, you can just snap off some leaves and sprinkle them into your cooking.

5.    Display a succulent frame

You can purchase a pre-assembled frame that you can fill with a bit of soil to plant succulent pups in. Wait a few weeks for the succulents to take root and you can then display the frame on the wall.

This is one green living picture to make your home feel more like nature.

6.    Create a greenery wall

There are so many ways of doing this, but perhaps the easiest is by growing moss on your wall. Take a cue from the Japanese who love moss in their Zen gardens. This is because moss is extremely low-maintenance and it gets its sustenance from water in the air.

In addition, moss presents the advantages of controlling humidity inside the home, and they proliferate quickly; as such, you will have your lush greenery wall in no time.

To ensure the best results, choose moss that is endemic to your area.

7.    Turn your balcony or terrace into your garden

These semi-outdoor spaces can hold everything from alternative turf to a vertical garden. Turning these spaces into your pocket of nature in the city is such a beneficial idea for two reasons: It’s pretty, and it can also improve the air quality around your home.

Say, you live in one of the posh MBR Dubai villas and your place has a spacious balcony or terrace that faces the street. Transforming this space into a garden is a wonderful idea for increasing the joy and satisfaction you experience from living where you do.

From the villa or apartment, you get a view of the gorgeous landscaping around the community, and then you create a continuity by creating an equally green space in your own home.

These tips are beautiful, practical, and best of all, budget-friendly. By bringing greenery into your home, you will hardly need to go on costly weekend nature trips since you will now have a refreshing space right where you live.