Ever been to Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Islands before? Both countries are known for their beautiful scenery and guest-free people, which help to give you an unforgettable experience. There are plenty of ways of getting there from the US or Canada, but we prefer a cruise, as you get to enjoy nature along the way.

While the captain steers the ship towards the destination, you can enjoy life on board. Among other things you can enjoy the delicious restaurants and the large tax-free shop, where you can buy supplies for your holidays in Iceland or the Faroes.

Benefits of taking a cruise

  • You can relax on board, so you get rested on the arrival
  • You have the opportunity to buy cheap items in the tax free shop
  • You can enjoy delicious cuisine in the restaurants
  • You can enjoy beautiful views from the boat’s deck

About Iceland

Iceland is a gem. The beautiful island offers an incomparable nature with volcanoes, geysers and beautiful waterfalls. Besides the many nature experiences, Iceland also offers an exciting urban life and unique culture.

You often see pictures in magazines and TV shows about the beautiful scenery of Iceland and the pictures do not cheat. Every year, therefore, many Americans pack their suitcases and visit the unique country. When you get to Iceland, it can be a challenge to find out what to spend time on. It is therefore a good idea to know from home what things you choose to experience on your trip to Iceland.

About Faroe Islands

In the North Atlantic, you will also find the Faroe Islands, which are very nice and wonderfully rising out of the water. The colourful scenery and nice population are pleasing towards you when you go by the ferry and land on the Faroese ground. Or should you say Danish grounds, since the Faroe Islands are a part of Denmark with only partial autonomy.

Although the Faroes have many exciting experiences, it is far from the tourist. The Faroese people have managed to retain the charm of their unique land, even though the tourists have long been able to open their eyes to this little gem, which reminds us so much of Denmark and yet not at all.