Are you one of the consumers who pay too much for your broadband in terms of broadband speed? A large number of American consumers pay too high prices for their Internet connection in relation to the speed at which their broadband is capable.

For you as a consumer, it means that you have ordered and paid for the broadband at 20 Mbit, you also have to be able to receive 20 Mbit within the time period at 9pm. 7 to 01. In the past, some ISPs have included the capacity that is used to send from the Internet service provider to your home, as well as the capacity you may have. Lose by staying in the floor property etc.

In addition, it needs to be disclosed if your TV also uses some of the capacity of your broadband, which may be the case for many of the consumers who have also connected the TV to their broadband connection. Therefore, it must be clearly stated how many Mbit passes from the internet speed per on TV.

Get turbo charged with fiber optic networks

If you want to avoid obscure information about speeds and you want to take full advantage of the speed you have ordered, fiber network is the optimal solution for you. Even digital marketers have taken notice of this, and many content marketing experts swear to using fiber internet.

With fiber networks, you won’t lose speed even if you have a long way between your Internet service provider and yourself, or you’ve connected a TV or phone to your broadband connection. This is solely due to the fact that fibre cables have a greater capacity capability than the copper cables used to transport data in connection with regular broadband.

Fibre cables have such a capacity that it is actually worthwhile to connect both the TV and the telephone on the same Internet connection in order to use as much capacity as possible. With fiber network You can therefore also achieve a much faster speed than with regular broadband, and the fast speed does not fluctuate, whether you upload or download.