A holiday for adults

City breaks are and will not be vacations for children. Chiang Mai is an ideal holiday destination for a romantic city break, for young people, for people interested in culture, history and modern life and technology, for people who love good food, beautiful buildings, a vibrant city life, exciting opportunities For shopping, but it’s not exactly the place for small children. There are plenty of obvious opportunities for holidays in Thailand with children, not least, the delicious beaches and islands are perfect for families with children, but cities are probably not the most fun experience for small children, but it must be said that you will experience a big city while you are on holiday with Nene, Chiang Mai is probably a little more child-friendly than Bangkok.

Explore the city life in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai there is ample opportunity to have a fun night out in the city. Are you into jazz, blues, hip hop, reggae, techno or pop? Yes, you can certainly find a super fun and good place where you can dance and enjoy just your favorite musikgenre. There are many talented musicians in Chiang Mai, and live music is everywhere. Good music, nice people and a good atmosphere, as well as fantastic beer, are on the programme on a city tour of Chiang Mai.


Shopping is also plentiful. Night market is exciting and a pleasant experience in itself, one will have more serious shopping with genuine branded goods, trying room and escalators, so for example Huaykaew shopping Center or Central Airport Plaza good shopping malls. Are you shopping at Huaykaew shopping Center, try going out of the backport in the basement, here you will meet small cozy street kitchens, a very special atmosphere, quietness from the centre’s noise and stress, a place where you can take a respite and enjoy a small Khao Pad el Clay Tom Yam.

Do you want good food on holiday? Then Thailand is the right destination!

Now we are on the subject of food, one cannot get around mentioning that Thailand’s kitchen is absolutely fantastic. Fresh and delicious ingredients, exquisite tastes and exciting compositions are the key words for the gastronomy in Thailand. There is no need to be afraid of street kitchens in Chiang Mai, look forward to seeing where and how the food is prepared, use your common sense, choose a place that looks delicious and where there are plenty of fresh ingredients, and then simply enjoy the amazing flavour they R is in the Thai food.