Webinars are one of the best ways to not only better engage with your audience and show them your real personality, it’s also a great way to pre-sell and acquire new customers in the process. With this blog being heavily focused on the travel and leisure, today we wanted to look at how webinars can be used to help travelers, world-bloggers, and anyone working from home to grow their expertise and brands through the use of online webinars.

Even if you don’t already have a product or service that can be sold to your audience, webinars are still great for building a following and increasing your brand loyalty in the process. Many non-profit agencies are using webinars to bring awareness to their cause, while free education platforms are using them for continued learning and connecting with new audiences.

To come up with a few ideas for your next webinar, simply take a look at your best site content and what most people are coming to your site to learn. If you already have an audience in place, or one that you can engage with on social media, why not ask for some of their input on what they would like to see if you were to run an online webinar?

All of that and more will be discussed in this article.

Why Webinars are Great for Bloggers and Home Businesses

As a blogger, traveler, entrepreneur, or anyone working from the comfort of your own home — you are already living a lifestyle that many people already want to have. This in itself is enough to make you a respected person of interest, and possibly someone who could sell their own product or service through online webinars.

To best understand what type of products and services work well with webinars, let’s take a look at the list below.

  • Online courses – The majority of bloggers and individuals selling their expertise and information, are often doing this through online courses. Webinars are also one of the best ways to sell course memberships, as you can walk your audience through the members area by using screen sharing and benefits of being a member.
  • Membership sites – Very similar to online courses, but also with the option for billing on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Private access groups – Also much like to two points above, but thanks to the power of Facebook Ads, setting up a private access group is very simple. All you need to do is create a webinar, landing page, sales funnel, and then manually approve new members.
  • Personal consulting – Want to teach the work how you actually accomplish the dream of traveling the world or working from home? Sell your expertise as a consulting service and put a higher premium on your 1-on-1 time and personal services.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use online webinars for engaging with audiences and then selling them on a higher quality service.

Advanced Features of Webinars Today vs. Previous Years

If you’ve ever attended or hosted a webinar in the past, you are likely familiar with the process. However, not all webinar solutions are the same. Some will require you to download software, others will make you install a browser extension, and some of them will just seem impossible to connect with your video and audio.

Most of that has changed with online webinar providers today. Not only that, but they are often more fairly priced as well. And if the idea of hosting a webinar or putting yourself on camera is something that scares you, no worries — you can do it all through audio and have your audience view your slides and screens throughout the whole session. You can also take a look at the webinar tips from Harvard Business Review, to make sure you are ready for your first webinar.

The majority of top webinar solutions no longer require any downloads (by audience members, or the host), which is an amazing feature. The easier it is to promote, get sign ups, and actually run your webinar, the easier it will be to get more people to attend and convert into paying customers.

How to Get Started with a Webinar of Your Own

At this point, you are probably quite excited with the idea of using a webinar to grow your online business or even starting one based off your current lifestyle. More than anything else, it’s all about taking immediate action and learning along the way.

Here is a simple 5-step process you can use for implementing online webinars today.

  1. Sign up with any of the top webinar solutions
  2. Create a set of webinar slides for your audience
  3. Make sure you have a nice deck and audio in place
  4. Promote your webinar and start getting sign ups
  5. Go live and engage with your first webinar group!

As an extra bonus tip, I would definitely recommend that you start signing up for webinars being offered from other brands and businesses within your space. This will help you better understand how the top webinars are being run and the type of content they are creating. You can then create and formulate your own upcoming webinar off everything you have learned.