There are a whole lot of destinations you can choose in between if the trip goes south to Spain. The sun-drenched land offers a variety of very different types of holiday. We have listed a few of them here.

Most people connect Spain with the Costa del Sol, Grissefester and Simon Spies. Unfortunately, it is a somewhat limited picture of a country that has almost endless opportunities for travellers who are Americans.

City break

Spain is much more than sun and beach, and can easily offer big city vacations that can compete with Europe’s other major cities. Madrid and Barcelona offer both unique, and even very different experiences. In its capacity as a capital city, Madrid is filled with captivating and impressive state buildings. Barcelona is more frisky and rebellious, and offers a wide range of excellent museums.


Spain is about someone a football-wrong people. It is therefore obvious to combine a possible metropolis holiday with a football match. Madrid and Barcelona are home to two of Europe’s, and the world’s, best club teams; Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. But Spain is rich in good football clubs, and a football tour should include cities such as Valencia, Bilbao and a Coruña.


Hike in Spain

The Iberian Peninsula offers many spektakulere hiking opportunities. Most famous of all, is perhaps the Camino. The ancient pilgrimage route from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostella experienced a true Renaissance with the DR2 program “Bertelsen on the Camino “. The beautiful route offers tremendous beauty and mental reconstruction. It is a fantastic opportunity to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle many experience in everyday life.

Sports Holiday

If you belong to the type of tourists who want to be active and touch you on your holiday, Spain also offers a wide range of options for you. The most well-known place for recreation with sports in mind is certainly the famous Club La Santa in Lanzarote. It’s a favourite holiday destination if you want to exercise and keep any weight loss by right during your holiday.

Spain is described as a very versatile country and there is certainly a journey that suits you!