In a time when more and more Americans – teenagers as well as older generations – want a personal blog, it is important to consider the demands one has for his webhost and how ambitious one is with his or her blog.

There are hundreds of different Web hotels where you can buy in to have your blog running at that location. It can be a pure jungle and therefore be quite unmanageable to find out which web space you want. That’s why we’ve created a list of things you should be aware of when choosing web space for WordPress. Have you also seen our list of the best webhotels for WordPress?


It is now a known fenomen among the blogging industry-1-click-Installer. And it may sound more complicated than it really is. The essence of the meaning of order 1-click-Installer is that you can set up a WordPress blog in a few minutes and you will be running a WordPress blog. Quite smart if you are not particularly technically brought and will not invest thousands of dollars in your blog.

High uptime

High uptime is also important. Uptime describes how long your WordPress blog is up and running. As a rule, an uptime wont be around 90% and up-on some of the good blogs 99.9%. But if you come across a web space that has an uptime of less than 90%, we strongly recommend you stay away from them! That’s because every ninth time someone visits your page, they’ll come across a page that’s down!

Good price

While you can always pay a hefty sum for good hosting, it has become something of an art to find a decent host that will not hurt your wallet too much. Shop around for good reviews and look for discounts, as it can often pay good returns to do your research.