The Emmy award-winning show Shark Tank has now completed 9 full seasons on the ABC network and along the way, we have seen some pretty spectacular products and inventions. Read on to find out the best products from the latest season of the hit show and order, or pre-order yours now.

The 72 Survival kit by Uncharted Supply Company

Featured on episode 2 of season 9, experts have dubbed this backpack the ultimate survival system. Survival experts and medical practitioners say that the first 72 hours after a natural disaster are a critical time period for survival. This is where the 72 survival kit gets its name. Inside the backpack, you will find a tent, water filter, flashlight, medical kit, and everyday tools. Experts say this backpack might help to save your life in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake.

The Sharks invested in this product without a second thought, so you shouldn’t hesitate in buying one. Get yours now at most trusted online retailers.


I episode 4, Benjilock was one of the success stories. This clever padlock can be opened normally with a key, but also features a patented fingerprint scanner, which offers a quick, smart way to open it. The lock is the first of its kind in the world and features onboard memory that can store up to 4 sets of fingerprints. The padlock has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (like your cell phone) and is completely weatherproof. For those with reservations on its safety, the lock is made from rugged stainless steel, is 100% weatherproof and still has a conventional lock and key for extra peace of mind. The Benjilock is currently available for pre-order.

The Drainwig

Episode 6 saw this innovative yet simple product pull in an investment from the sharks. The Drainwig is a fully-disposable hair catcher that fits into your shower or bathtub drain. The rubber plug fits over the drain and a trailing chain with rubber notches can be lowered down. Once installed, the Drainwig will catch fallen hair and prevent your drain from clogging. All you need to do is change the Drainwig every 2 – 4 months. The product is completely disposable, so all you do is pull it out of the drain and throw it away. Make sure you order yours online today.  If natural hair growth is for you, here’s a list of shark tank hair growth winners.


With vinyl records becoming popular in mainstream media again, the Rokblok is the perfect companion for those who love the medium. The Rokblok is a completely portable record player and speaker. The block has a needle and stylus that follows the record for playback and features a nice sounding wireless speaker. However, if you want more sound, there is a built-in Bluetooth device to send playback to a larger sound system. The Sharks loved the Roblok so much it was snapped up very quickly during episode 13. Since the show has aired, the portable device has proven so popular that it is currently out stock. Don’t worry though, you can still reserve yours now to take delivery when the next batch has been completed.