Do you also want a healthy fridge? And perhaps also a healthier lifestyle? Read here and find tips and tricks on how you can optimize yourself and fridge health!
The fridge must be healthy both in terms of content but also in relation to its interior.

In other words, you need to think about health in relation to what you have to eat from the fridge, but also the way you store your food and food in the fridge.

The refrigerator should be cleaned at least once a week. It can be easily done and does not take overly long time. The following mixture will be able to get all dirt away from the interior of the refrigerator. You just need to take the below and mix it together then you can go to war with the fridge:

– 2 parts vinegar (for example 2dl depending on the size of your refrigerator)
– 3 Parts Water
– a bit of dishwashing detergent

When your fridge is clean, the next tip is that it should be healthy to look inside too, so that the food you buy with home is healthy! It is such a it you first spot when opening the fridge most often are the goods you choose to eat. therefore! Put the healthiest items at eye level.

In addition, it is a good idea to buy carrots or almonds, as these are good snacks for when you become candy hungry. Keep it in transparent tubs (generally with all kinds of food) so you can see what’s in.

As you can see what’s in, it’s also easier for you to cook for example leftovers.
Another way to make the fridge appear healthy is to choose quality over quantity, so you will also automatically get more desire to eat healthy food and food. In addition, it may be an idea to cool organically as vegetables and fruits can be eaten without needing to be peeled. Especially carrots are a good idea to cool organic.